How It Works - Your song for just £395!

Your Custom Song is a personalised product that will take multiple hours to write, arrange, record and produce. The process of creating your song is straightforward and we will seek your approval at various stages to ensure your satisfaction with the final result. Thus, we will be in close contact throughout the process. See prices on our Price List.

STEP 1 - Commissioning

Deposit & Commissioning Fee = £100

When your non-returnable deposit is received and questionnaire returned, (Click here to fill in our questionnaire!) we will start work on the lyric and ideas for your song. We will liaise with you to finalise the lyric and send a draft recording segment before your final payment.

STEP 2 - Production

Balance for Completion & Recording = £295

Once we receive your balance we finalise the arrangement & go to studio to complete the recording, mixing and mastering.

STEP 3 - Delivery

Your song will be delivered to you by MP3 File

Your song will be delivered to you as an MP3 File which you can use as you wish, however you can also order from our range of Wedding Day & Life Event mementos to spread your joy through our words and music.

STEP 4 - Order your Mementos

Your song lives on with these beautiful mementos!

Your song can be the theme for your wedding day and can be enjoyed forever by you, your family, friends & guests. Our range includes everything from inexpensive lyric parchments to CD’s, USB’s, Framed Lyric Prints and even the Sheet Music! View our Gift Page.

Our Bank Details

Please transfer payments directly to our account and e-mail to confirm.

Royal Bank of Scotland    Account Number 111 111 74    Sort Code 83-15-26

If you wish to pay by Cash or Cheque please contact us for further information.



Owing to the complications of copyright law and the costs of copyright transfer, The Custom Songs Company will retain the copyright to all work. You have purchased a uniquely personalised product to use as you wish, however it cannot be sold to other parties or issued as, or part of another commercial project or release.