Custom Lyric Writing

Our lyrics are personal to you and we are grateful to the couples below who have allowed us to share their song!

Our Lyrics Album

We Wish You the Best - These lyrics were written for Susanne & Jamie’s Morrison’s Wedding. She works for a Charity, he works in Solar Power. This couple spark off each other!

The Story of our Hearts - This ballad has a classical, romantic ‘feel’ designed to be the perfect theme for a Wedding Video. The lyric tells of a romantic journey and personalised verses also suit Anniversaries.

Far Reachin’ Love - Alison was based in UK, Mark was based in Hong Kong. Their Wedding Song tells of how their romance had to overcome thousands of miles of separation - hence Far Reachin’ Love.!

We Wish you Well - The guests sang along to this uplifting song that was performed live at the Wedding of Heather & Stuart Bell in Yorkshire. Heather and Stuart met when they were both ’coppers’ on the beat—hence the lyrics.

Harmony - This classic love song had its debut on-stage in 2014 and can feature male or female lead vocals. Verses are included to personalise it to you. Also suits Anniversaries.

We Wish you Love - Elaine & Andy were married on a cruise ship so the lyrics have a nautical theme!

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